Projects : Finishing Line of any Programming Language.

projectsThis post is discussed about how to complete a Programming Language. Here we tell you what is the finishing line of any programming language?

Today many of the students want to learn a new programming language and when they try to learn, (self study or joining any institute) in starting everything goes on normal and they complete the programming language, But after sometime they do not feel comfortable with this programming languages, they forget the concept of programming language and they think something is missing. They learn again the same programming language. Why they need to learn again the same programming language? What is the important thing they missed in the first time when they learn? Answer of all these questions is discussed in this post.

So here what is the key of good finishing of any programming language? The answer is only in one word Projects.

Projects are the finishing line of any programming language. Through this we find a way to move on and satisfy ourselves. Projects are mandatory after the completion of a programming language and if you want to remember the concepts and syntax of programming language you should go for projects. A project covers all aspect of a programming language from basic to advanced concepts. Some people do not make project when they complete programming language and this is the biggest reason why they fail in future and facing lots of problems in the industry. I know now you want to ask “why so” because there is huge difference between learning a programming language and making a project in the same programming language.

Some benefits of making a project after completion of a Programming Language:-

  1. Concepts and Syntax of programming language will store in your mind for a long time.
  2. In future whenever you will use same programming language you will on the track and move very fast.
  3. Through projects we can test ourselves that how much we learn about that programming language.
  4. Through projects you can earn money by selling your projects.
  5. Coding and Testing skills will improve.
  6. With the help of Projects you can prepare a good documentation.
  7. Projects remind what you learned in programming language.

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