How to find contents for your Blog.

This post determines how you can find write able contents for your blog. People who start a new blog always think about what, where and how we will find the contents for our blog. After starting a new blog this is the biggest question that how we can find contents.Blog content

Here is a good solution for this problem.

First of all keep a diary or blank page and a pen. Now note down everything happened around you related to your blog.

Let us understand all of these things through an example.

For example, you running a technology blog website and you want to write blog post about technology so when you are in your class room or in discussion or reading news paper or reading magazines or watching TV or watching movie or any other activities you are doing in your daily life routine, pay your full attention on watching or reading in all of these activities and when you find something Continue reading

Projects : Finishing Line of any Programming Language.

projectsThis post is discussed about how to complete a Programming Language. Here we tell you what is the finishing line of any programming language?

Today many of the students want to learn a new programming language and when they try to learn, (self study or joining any institute) in starting everything goes on normal and they complete the programming language, But after sometime they do not feel comfortable with this programming languages, they forget the concept of programming language and they think something is missing. They learn again the same programming language. Why they need to learn again the same programming language? What is the important thing they missed in the first time when they learn? Answer of all these questions is discussed in this post.

So here what is the key of good finishing of any programming language? The answer is only in one word Projects. Continue reading

Give permission to Local User or Guest User.

This post determines how we can give the permission to the local user or guest user. Sometimes when we want to perform any operation on our computer like saving a file, deleting a file, renaming a file, moving a file and many other operations then a warning message pops-up on the screen that is ACCESS DENIED or any other message like Contact the administrator to obtain the permission.

To allow this kind of permission this post is discussed.

Generally when we perform the operations on C (where all the windows file store and software are install)  drive then this kind of warning message pops-up not on any other drive. But why ? Because this drive contains all the system file which is accessible only to the administrator not by other users.

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Objects : Physical Reality and Virtual Reality

Physical Reality : – This is also called Physical object.
How we can declare physical objects?
Solution is here : class-name object_name = new class-name or Constructor();
Here physical objects are those objects which allocate memory in the main memory with the help of new keyword. When a class object is created the instance variables are automatically initialized.

Virtual Reality : – This is also called Virtual objects or reference objects.
How we can declare Virtual objects?
Solution is here : class-name object_name;
They are reference objects. They do not have own memory. Virtual objects share the memory of Physical objects.

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Java : Class Code, Class Data, Class Member and Instance Variable.

Class Code, Class Data, Class Member and Instance Variable.
Instance Variable – The data, or variable, defined with in class is called Instance variable.
For example :-
class abc
            int a;
            int b;
            int c;